The Performance Assurance System

CHART Digital Institute’s Performance Assurance System is a set of quality assurance practices to ensure smooth interactions between various components of the Digital Ecosystems encompassing interconnected people, processes, and things cutting across the Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud stack.


These Performance Assurance practices become critical for an organization considering complexities of the environment and the challenges which an organization faces in its journey to become a fully integrated Digital Enterprise.


Top 5 Reasons Why an Organization Should Embrace CHART Digital Institute’s Performance Assurance System as Part of Their DNA

  • We Show You Why Digital is Not So Complex
    Learn how to overcome the most difficult challenges that emanate from the complexities arising from the nexus of forces – Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud, and how to ensure that they work in synchronization with organizational goals.
  • Learn How Your Organization can Become Immune to Security Threats
    Security is of paramount importance specifically in an interconnected world. You will know how to properly configure and test your smart interconnected ecosystems on one side to enable an unimaginable world of possibilities that will make your entire system highly resistant to security threats.
  • How Performance Assurance will Leverage Your Legacy Infrastructure
    This is the next important challenge which you will easily overcome for those enterprises who are not born “digital.” Discover why it is of vital importance to change your organizational DNA both from a cultural perspective and from a legacy IT infrastructure standpoint to ensure that your core functionalities are not impacted as you chart your path towards digital infrastructure with zero challenges.
  • Discover Why Performance Assurance Will Make Your Customer Experience Exceptional
    Easily deliver enhanced customer experiences while meticulously leveraging a variety of components of a Digital Ecosystem. Ensuring that each component delivers optimum performance leads to customer delight and repeat buyers. It becomes second nature as your organization digitally matures.
  • CHART Digital Institute Performance Assurance will Give You More Agility
    Develop agility and workforce transformation through continuous quality assurance initiatives, automating processes to ensure shorter delivery cycles. These are highly critical skills for all organizations in a highly dynamic digital landscape.We also show you why it’s important for any organization to not only adopt Performance Assurance practices, but also the know-how to comprehensively address each dimension outlined above. Our successful Performance Assurance initiative will help your organization and stakeholders achieve reduced time-to-market and superior quality while ensuring scalability.