The Team

Peter Hörwing CEO CHART Learning Solutions Africa (Pty) Ltd

Peter has 30 years of experience in the software and services industries. For the past 25 years, he has served on executive management teams in Swedish companies listed on the Nasdaq/OMX stock exchange. Peter has also been involved in global, fast-growing software and service companies, helping increase sales by 20-25% per year after year.

His extensive international experience includes positions as Chairman of the Board of Directors on 4 continents–North America, Europe, Africa and Australia, covering more than 20 countries. His expertise in leadership, sales, and support underscores his understanding of the importance in driving positive behaviors to achieve outstanding results.

Jared Pillai Digital Director CHART Digital Institute

As Digital Director of CHART Digital Institute, Jared is an eccentric, fast-paced marketing professional, adviser to emerging companies, and a digital marketing speaker on entrepreneurship, marketing, social media and product development. Jared is the founder of Million Baby, inventor of TodPod, chairman of the internet marketing association of South Africa, and is passionate about digital, innovation, web technology, and startups.

A runner-up in season 2 of the Big Break Legacy reality TV show and a national finalist in the 2013 step-up technology innovation awards, Jared was featured in Dragons Den in 2014 for TodPod and successfully received an investment. He holds a diploma in digital marketing management and a diploma in social media marketing.

His specialties include: Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, CRM, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Online Brand Management, Media Management, Product Innovation, Product Design, Rapid Prototyping, Entrepreneurship, Web Technology and Tech Innovation.